No- fix- no-pay policy

A team of dedicated technicians is at your disposal to resolve

technical computer issues. Choose how we can  help you now.

Numerous software for spyware and virus removal can be down-downloaded. You are however installing the software at your risk. Remember that what works well for others may not be work for you. If you feel that your computer is slowing down because of a recent installation

of any software, uninstall the recently acquired software

and re-start your  computer.   

No Sound, Poor Sound Quality

No Video, Poor Color or Video Quality

No Power

Slow PC

Error Messages

Blue Screen

Black Screen

Hanging, Freezing or PC Keeps  Restarting

Backing Up and Restoring Files

Scanning and Printing Issues






Technicians are ready to assist any computer user who encounters issues such as:

1. My computer keeps  re-starting even without warning. This interrupts my normal internet activities.

2. Can't rename file or folder. Got a message saying "the file or folder doesn't exist. But you're sure it was there minutes before you opened an application.  

 3. Playing favorite songs with a computer dvd player has been a routine experience for you, until one day, while attempting the same action, you suddenly couldn't play the 5th selection of your pieces. You got a message saying " the device is not ready". Second attempt proved unsuccessful too. You got a message saying "the device can't be located.  

 4. You are regularly using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google when browsing the web. Without warning, Internet Explorer failed to open. Although it's there, it is unresponsiveness, despite numerous clicks on the icon.    

5. Your printer appeared  to be working fine until one day, without warning, it failed to print. Everything was in place when you checked the cables and ink level. However, you got a message saying the printer can't be located. 

What's bothering your computer?

6. You suspected a recently downloaded program to be slowing down your computer and immediately hit the uninstalled button. After about some minutes, no significant speed is regained.

Find below several solutions to issues with your computer, and see if it fits your budget. Not a single cent will be charged to you if there is no successful repair on your computer. Wikipedia enumerates several errors that you you may encounter while using your computer:   
Access Denied  - You can't go to that file
Blue Screen of Death-

The device is not ready

File Not found

Low disk space

Out of memory






How do you pay for completed service? 

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